Pietro Baglietto started his dream of founding the historic Shipyard. In the beginning, Baglietto specialized in small fishing boats, but then the Shipyard went into designing and building yachts. For over 165 years, we have delivered yachts that stand the test of time. These queens of the sea have a unique and contemporary design and follow our tailored approach, which combines tradition and innovation with excellent materials and high customization. The result is yachts as elegant and extraordinary as the Baglietto owners. In 2012, Baglietto Shipyard was acquired by the Gavio family, one of the most solid industrial family groups in Italy. The acquisition propelled a new journey for the Shipyard. Beniamino Gavio not only a boat builder but above all a ship-owner with a great passion for the sea. Thanks to this passion I acquired this brand which represents the icon of Italian boating since 1854. Baglietto’s impressive endeavour is not limited to activities dedicated to the construction of these vessels, but also concerns the important activity of developing and designing new models which form equal bases for future development and consolidation. Each of these projects consistently follows the fundamental conceptual lines distinguishing the yachts of past success, both in the recognisability of the style and in absolute observance of the marine qualities of sturdiness, reliability and safety which have always strongly characterised Baglietto vessels.