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Michael & Heike Köhler are the solar-pioneers behind Silent Yachts. Silent Yachts was founded on the dream of eliminating the major downfalls of yachting as well as the disastrous effects on the environment without sacrificing the slightest bit of luxury.

On every Silent Yachts, solar power is not only used for the propulsion of the vessel, but also for providing energy to all navigation, comfort and household appliances on board. This means you can enjoy all the comfort on board sustainably while having the possibility of unlimited range.

As the very first – fully solar-powered – production yacht in the history of nautical travel, the SILENT 64 crossed the entire Atlantic Ocean in February 2018. This extraordinary achievement proved the outstanding durability and efficiency of the SILENT solar-electric drivetrain even during unfavourable and rough weather conditions.

Our mission is to create an independent and environmentally friendly yachting experience which combines the silent cruising of a sailing boat with the luxury of a motor yacht. Therefore, SILENT-YACHTS are the first and only ocean-going production yachts in the world which are exclusively powered by solar energy.

Over the past years, Silent Yachts has now received several awards honouring the research and development that was invested into this innovative technology.

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